Your personal consultant in radiation protection

Is there exposure to ionizing radiation in your work environment? Then it is important to comply with the Decree on basic safety standards for radiation protection (Bbs). Moreover, a contract with a radiation protection expert is mandatory. Radcon is your personal radiation protection consultant. We help you work safely, taking into account the highest standards and with a broad experience in various industries including veterinary radiology, production facilities and offshore industry.

Radcon originated from a clear ambition: to make workplaces safer with a risk of exposure to radiation hazards. Thanks to our extensive experience, we create the link between the authorities, the people in the workplace and the (local) management. With an analytical approach and equipped with the right tools and training, we help you to be well prepared and make the risks manageable.


We are convinced that basic knowledge about working safely with ionizing radiation is not enough. That is why we go a step further: our radiation (protection) experts are available at any time as your personal advisor. In this way you will benefit from years of practical experience and up-to-date knowledge in the field of radiation protection.

As a foreign organisation you are mostly obliged to apply for a radiation permit by the Dutch Nuclear Authority. We will support you with arranging the legal documents and implementation in the organisation. During the process and after permit granting our radiation protection experts will continue to be the local representative.

Also our experts are frequently asked to support in projects (such as providing trainings in the field of radiation protection and hazardous material mapping) outside the Netherlands. See more about this in the projects section on our website or contact us for more information!

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